Digital Twin for VET schools

The project

DiTwin – Digital Twin for VET schools is a 2 year Cooperation Partnership project in vocational education and training sector (KA220-VET) funded under the Erasmus+ Programme. 

The main project objective is to improve the effectiveness of VET curricula for achieving the competencies needed by Industry 4.0. The project intends to bridge the gap of facilities and machinery of VET schools by exploiting the potential of Digital Twin technology.

Digital Twin technology enables work-based learning activities well aligned to the last development of manufacturing industries. This will support the adaptation of VET curricula and VET providers’ training offer to actual skills needs and will provide a new educational approach.

The project will enable schools that cannot access advanced tools, machineries and laboratories to implement practical and experiential learning for achieving the competences required by Industry 4.0.

The project will also improve VET teachers’ digital competences to support the implementation of digital-twin based activities and the achievement of digital skills required by industry 4.0


DiTwin Modules

Digital Twins for VET students aiming at developing the competencies needed by
Industry 4.0.

DiTwin Platform

A free online platform allowing teachers and students access and use the
DiTwin Modules at school.

DiTwin Handbook

It provides VET teachers and trainers with tools and educational resources to implement,
support, manage and assess effective Digital Twin-based activities.

DiTwin Transnational Training Course

A Transnational Training Course for VET teachers aiming at developing the needed technical and pedagogical competencies for implementing and managing Digital Twin-basedì activities at schools.

DiTwin Video Tutorial

It is an easy guide for VET teachers on how to implement DiTwin Modules in class.

DiTwin Demo Event

It is an online workshop presenting the DiTwin platform and its use.


The DiTwin project continues to advance

The project is progressing confidently to enhance education and vocational training for the future. An innovative competence framework has been specifically developed for Vocational Education and Training (VET) schools, teachers, institutions, and other organizations aiming to foster skills aligned with the demands of Industry 4.0. This effort seeks to align the identified professional profiles with […]

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Next Steps

Main Objectives The months ahead will be crucial for the development of WP2 “DiTwin Modules”: we will be facing a busy time but we are positive about the successful results we will achieve. These are the main activities forseen by WP2: Elaboration of the DiTwin Competence Framework: based on the common competences highlighted in the […]

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DiTwin Kick-off meeting

The DiTwin kick-off meeting was held in Pesaro (Italy) on 30-31 January 2024 hosted by Learnable as coordinator.The main goal of the project is to improve the effectiveness and inclusiveness of VET curricula for the achievement of competencies needed by Industry 4.0. The project intends to bridge the gap between the facilities and machinery of […]

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Learnable is a community of experts working for years on the development of innovative educational practices. Learnable focuses to support European learners in acquiring soft and hard competencies that enable people to achieve their goals both in their work and life. Learnable is active in different sectors such as adult education, VET education, schools and higher education, promoting innovative educational methodologies in different fields such as digital innovation, inclusion, linguistic skills, green economy and entrepreneurship. The community seeks innovative solutions in order to make education accessible and inclusive. Learnable supports the implementation of innovative educational methodologies aimed at enhancing the quality of the training offer and supporting school-to-work transition and employability of the learners.

ETN Training Vision Ireland was established in 2016 to help satisfy the growing demand for vocational training and cultural development opportunities in Ireland.

Located in Cork, ETN Training Vision Ireland organises and manages internships and educational programmes for young students, teaching staff, young workers and organisations coming from all over Europe. Training Vision is member of the “ETN Network” (Education and Training Network) with agencies in Spain (Malaga), in Bulgaria (Sofia), Italy (Rimini and Potenza), UK (Portsmouth) Germany (Berlin), Portugal (Lisbon) and Ireland (Cork). In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 ETN was awarded as winner in the Work Experience Provider category of the Study Travel Star Awards in London. An important recognition to the professionalism, quality and attention to all the aspects of the training in mobility.

Training Vision Ireland specializes in fostering the growth and learning of both students and adults in a rapidly evolving world. 

The University of Malaga is an institution that generates and transmits knowledge, providing higher education services through teaching, study and research. It is a dynamic and innovative University, open and participative at the service of society, integrated in the European Higher Education and Research Area, and linked to the business world and the Andalusian Technology Park.

The University Institute for Research in Mechatronics Engineering and Cyberphysical Systems (IMECH.UMA) was created with the main purpose of promoting quality interdisciplinary research and its transfer to society, as well as promoting actions in the field of postgraduate and doctoral studies, and specialized training.

The medical robotics laboratory, which is part of the consortium, has extensive experience in the design and development of surgical robots for clinical use, and in the development of digital twins for industry, and a long history of collaboration with the clinical and business environment.

Málaga TechPark, inaugurated in 1992 in Málaga (Spain), has become a great hub of innovative attraction in Andalucía and Europe, with both technology and innovation being key to its development. The Technopolis is an international benchmark that can be described as an encouraging focus of attraction for innovative companies and an ecosystem for high-tech companies and entrepreneurs.

Málaga TechPark has been specially designed to house all types of entities dealing with innovation. The Technopolis is a point of international reference in terms of science and technology parks where the Information Technologies sector dominate, both in Research and Development, and the manufacture of equipment and services, with an innovative and environmentally friendly approach. Other sectors present in the park are energy, engineering, circular economy, industrial, agri-food, biotechnology, among others. With over 650 businesses, and several key agents in the Andalusian Knowledge System, such as the University and its research groups, over 24.000 employees, an area of 200 hectares with an expansion project in progress, the PTA can be considered one of the main focuses for innovation and economic development in Andalusia.


Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology & research company that specializes in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation, creativity, and gamification to enhance flow for learners. Our company offers a wide spectrum of solutions, including interactive custom eLearning, Serious Games, Open Educational Resources, Training Simulations, Educational Animations and Mobile Learning. We combine game design, game technology, instructional design and psychology to master the art of crafting learning games, simulations and training. Innovation Frontiers IKE also has a very big experience on research projects (European & International). The company follows very strict & complete Quality Assurance Processes in the development of its software and in the running of European & International Projects it takes part. What is more the company integrates the implications of educational neuroscience in classroom so as to improve the efficiency of learning and teaching.

Digital Smart is a Vet provider engaged in professional training for the digital transformation of manufacturing companies. It operates in the Marche region and, for the training of workers, has expanded its action in central Italy. It was founded by IT consultants with more than twenty years of experience in fundraising and capacity building, business creation and career guidance.

Digital Smart manages an Academy that hosts a two-year high training course entitled “Smart Robotics, Corporate Digitalization and 3D Design and organize custom courses and tailor-made corporate academies, whose goal is to train Superior Technicians, with knowledge and skills on the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0

In Digital Smart’s headquarter there are high-tech training rooms, mechatronics laboratories including a Cyber-Physical Factory, Industry 4.0.

Digital Smart is also member of a national consortium named “Italian Innovation for Work”, composed by VET institutions and training academies.

For over 75 years University of the National Education Commission, Krakow has taken the lead among pedagogical higher education institutions in Poland, and it is also the oldest Pedagogical University in Poland. It is exceptional because of its high prestige, professional education and modernity.

The mission of the University of the National Education Commission, Krakow is exercised by professional and experienced teaching staff who apply modern and up to date teaching content. It is also expressed through scientific research, outlining new fields of scientific development, transmitting knowledge, and developing and enriching the personalities of its graduates by educating them according to the highest European standards.

To our students we offer the latest achievements in the Humanities, and also in Social, Educational, Natural, Technical and Art studies. Our educational provision enables students to apply to several dozen fields of studies in first-cycle (Bachelor’s) and second-cycle (Master’s) degree programmes, as well as in third-cycle degree studies (Ph.D.), and post-graduate study courses.


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