Next Steps

Main Objectives

The months ahead will be crucial for the development of WP2 “DiTwin Modules”: we will be facing a busy time but we are positive about the successful results we will achieve.

These are the main activities forseen by WP2:

  • Elaboration of the DiTwin Competence Framework: based on the common competences highlighted in the previous phase different profiles required by industry 4.0 will be elaborated
  • Mapping of the profiles: based on the technical and pedagogical potential of Digital Twin
  • Creation of Digital Twin-based training modules: implementable in VET schools for the achievement of the learning outcomes related to the profiles identified
  • Creation of the Digital Twin Platform: to allo studente to access the DiTwin modules  

Second Project Meeting

The second project meeting will take place in Krakow (PL) from 14 until 15 November 2024 and will be hosted by Uniwersytet Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie (UKEN). During the meeting, partners will have the opportunity to present the first DiTwin results and to plan new project’s activities.

To stay updated on project developments, please visit the project social media pages (Facebook and Linkedin).

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